Filtrabox Weld-R: Engineered to Capture

The Filtrabox Weld-R stands at the forefront of laser welding fume extraction technology. Engineered specifically to cater to the nuanced needs of laser welders, it’s the brainchild of industry experts with decades of deep-rooted experience in laser fume extraction. Recognizing the unique challenges of laser welding processes, the Filtrabox Weld-R melds advanced technology with practical know-how, ensuring a solution that’s both sophisticated and highly effective.


Beyond its cutting-edge design, the Filtrabox Weld-R boasts a suite of features tailored for the rigorous demands of today’s welding industry. It’s not just about having a machine; it’s about having the right machine, and the Weld-R epitomizes this philosophy. Every component, from its high-efficiency filters to its robust build, is a testament to the years of research and firsthand experience poured into its creation.

Industry professionals know that the nuances of laser welding demand precision not just in the act of welding, but also in the accompanying processes — and fume extraction is pivotal among these. The Filtrabox Weld-R, with its bespoke design for laser welders, ensures that no particulate is too small to evade its capture, maintaining a pristine welding environment. This isn’t merely a product; it’s a legacy of decades of expertise, manifested in a tool that promises to revolutionize the safety and efficiency of laser welding operations.


Weld R Fume Extractor

Unparalleled Precision & Protection: The Filtrabox Weld-R Advantage

Our FREE-FLO Extraction Arm equips the Weld-R with an extraordinary range, ensuring easy access to even the most challenging spots. Say goodbye to hard-to-reach areas; with Weld-R’s freely articulating joints, we’ve got every corner covered.

Weld R Laser Welding Fume Extractor

With an industry-leading 8” diameter duct, the Weld-R outclasses traditional 6” systems. Experience up to five times the airflow, enhancing system efficiency, and enjoy the added bonus of extended filter lifespans.

Breathe with confidence. Equipped with an integrated HEPA filter, the Weld-R ensures ultra-fine particulate capture, safeguarding worker health from risks such as lung cancer, kidney issues, and neurological complications. Every breath is a testament to pristine air quality.

Proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in Canada, our product represents the pinnacle of North American craftsmanship and innovation.

Tailored for Lasers

The world of laser welding is intricate, requiring a depth of understanding that goes beyond standard welding practices. The Weld-R, born out of Filtrabox’s 25-year rich heritage in laser fume extraction, stands as an embodiment of this specialized knowledge. It’s not just about capturing fumes; it’s about recognizing the unique challenges presented by laser welding processes and developing solutions to address them. From the specific particle sizes generated by laser welding to the temperature variances and the unique demands of different laser systems, the Weld-R has been meticulously crafted to cater to these nuances. This dedication to the specificities of laser welding ensures not just a safer environment but also guarantees that the precision and effectiveness of the welding process are uncompromised. Every feature, every component of the Weld-R reflects a deep-rooted understanding and commitment to the world of laser welding, ensuring unparalleled performance where it matters most.

Filtrabox Weld-R

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