Fume Extractors for Wide Format Printing

Fume Extractors For
Wide-Format Printing 

Wide-format printers use an array of inkjet printing heads to lay down high volumes of liquid inks onto large surface areas. The inks often have a high proportion of odorous VOCs which can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. The tiny pigment particles in the ink are also aerosolized during the printing process.

You can protect yourself by using a fume extractor which captures both the VOCs and tiny pigment particles. The pre-filter and HEPA filter capture the fine particles while the gas filter captures the gaseous VOCs.

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Wide Format Printing Fume Extractors

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What is a fume extractor, and why is it important for wide-format printing?

A fume extractor is designed to clean the air by capturing and filtering out volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and fine pigment particles emitted during printing. In wide-format printing, high volumes of liquid inks are laid down onto large surfaces, often emitting a high proportion of odorous VOCs that can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat. The tiny particles of pigment in the ink can also become aerosolized. Using a fume extractor helps maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

What types of filters are used in Filtrabox fume extractors?

 Filtrabox fume extractors use a combination of pre-filters, HEPA filters, and gas filters. The pre-filter and HEPA filter focus on capturing fine pigment particles, while the gas filter is specialized for capturing gaseous VOCs. This multi-stage filtration system ensures that solid and gaseous pollutants are effectively removed from the air.

How often do the filters need to be replaced?

The lifespan of filters varies depending on usage and the types of materials you’re printing. However, it’s a good practice to check the pre-filter monthly and replace it when visibly dirty. HEPA filters typically last around 6 to 12 months, and gas filters can last up to a year. Always refer to your Filtrabox manual for specific maintenance guidelines.

Is it easy to install a Filtrabox fume extractor?

Absolutely! Filtrabox fume extractors are designed for user-friendly installation. Most units come with a comprehensive instruction manual, and you usually need to connect the extractor to the designated exhaust point on your wide-format printer. No specialized technical skills are required.

Can I use one fume extractor for multiple wide-format printers?

While it’s possible, it’s not recommended. Each wide-format printer generates its own fumes and particles that must be extracted efficiently. Using one fume extractor for multiple printers might overload the system, reducing effectiveness and potentially compromising your work environment.

How loud is a Filtrabox fume extractor?

Filtrabox prioritizes air quality and a peaceful work environment. While the noise level can vary between models, most Filtrabox fume extractors are designed to operate quietly, usually below 55 dB, so that they won’t disrupt your workflow.

What is the coverage area for a Filtrabox fume extractor?

The coverage area for a Filtrabox fume extractor varies by model. It’s crucial to pick a model designed for the specific size of your workspace. Check the specifications on the Filtrabox product page or consult a sales representative to determine the best fit for your needs.

Are Filtrabox fume extractors energy-efficient?

Yes, energy efficiency is one of Filtrabox’s key focuses. Their fume extractors are engineered with energy-saving features that minimize electricity usage while maximizing filtration performance.

How do I know when the fume extractor is effectively working?

When your Filtrabox fume extractor works effectively, you should notice a significant reduction in odors and irritants in the air. Some models come with airflow indicators or filter replacement alerts that keep you updated on the machine’s performance.

Where can I buy Filtrabox fume extractors?

Filtrabox fume extractors are available through a network of authorized dealers and directly from the Filtrabox website. If you’re uncertain about which model to choose, the customer service team is more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your wide-format printing needs.

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