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About us

PAT Technology Systems Inc. was founded in 1998 based on the desire to bring clean air technology to industries needing the utmost clean air for sensitive optical systems. Over the 20+ years of designing, engineering, and expanding the applications for the highest quality custom air purification equipment, our systems can be found in all types of settings, from home shops to state-of-the-art industrial manufacturing plants, protecting the people, equipment, and the environment from airborne pollutants – worldwide.  

Filtration and extraction systems

Customized filtration systems to meet our customer’s exact requirements.

Our success stems from our attention to our customers’ needs, whether they are large OEMs or individuals. We meet their needs through innovation, attention to detail, and speed to market. PAT was the first to implement plug-and-play positive pressure air purification/humidification to computer to plate (CTPs) and proofing machines within the printing industry, providing localized clean room level air quality to these processes. We also were the first to provide source capture fume extraction technology to the wide-format printing industry, removing toxic ink fumes directly from the printer. Another first was modular laser fume extractors for the laser engraving industry. This modularity allowed end-users to quickly execute repairs themselves, reducing downtime and costs associated with dispatching field technicians. 

In 2021, PAT unveiled the Filtrabox slim-line series laser fume extractors: Micro, CompactX, and ExpandX. We listened to our customers and incorporated all of the performance, reliability, and modularity of our original product line, and created a new line of space-saving fume extractors – without compromising or sacrificing any aspects that made the original products so successful.

Philosophy and Culture for Mutual Success

Companies all too often procrastinate or even ignore difficult-to-solve environmental and safety issues. The difficulty is often associated with the cost of implementation. We strive to provide the industry with real solutions that are cost-effective in terms of initial equipment purchase as well as operating costs to create win-win scenarios. We believe that making our solutions more accessible will help protect a greater number of people and have a more significant impact on the environment. 

To do so, we rely on our employees. We strive to attract and retain the most conscientious, creative, and competent employees to execute our vision of a world with cleaner air. Our staff is our family. Some have been with us for over 20 years! Our insistence on continual improvement can be quite demanding, but we have created a work environment that is exciting, satisfying, and fun. 

We look forward to continuing our work and cultivating relationships with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and our own team members so that we can provide revolutionary clean air solutions that can accommodate business models for any new manufacturing technologies and processes that will emerge in the decades to come. 

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