Filtrabox Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from past and current customers.

Great product with great support. These filters are a premium product and are not cheap to run and maintain, but they work amazingly well and the support staff at PAT Tech is really friendly and knowledgeable. I had a couple of issues that were resolved very quickly by Greg in Tech support.

Scott Danesi

Date of experience: August 23, 2023

This company has great people. When I originally called in to get more info on what options they had available for my situation the phone was answered by the owner Wayne. He had a quote sent over and we made a deal for a BASYS model machine. when my machine arrived it was destroyed by the carrier. The machine was on a pallet and well boxed but the “Do Not Stack” cone was crushed along with the front of the cabinet. I refused the shipment and immediately contacted FiltraBox. Without hesitation they assured me that they would get a new machine out to me as quickly as they could get it built. My new machine arrived in about 10 days and was in perfect condition but was missing an Easy Link cable. Again I contacted them immediately and again without hesitation they expedited they cable to me no questions asked. All along the way, from the first machine on, I was sent email notifications and tracking numbers for everything. After installing my BASYS I had a technical question, I called into their support team and was greeted by a real human being. He didn’t have the exact answer I needed and would need to speak with the engineers. Within 30 minutes of our call, he called me back with the answer to my question. When all is said and done, this is a stand up company run by stand up people. Thank you Wayne and Greg, I greatly appreciate you and PAT Technology Systems/FiltraBox!!


Date of experience: August 01, 2023

We have without question given clients a higher level of satisfaction simply by pairing our equipment with PAT’s custom Filtra-Box fume extraction systems.

The difference is PAT understands to a high degree how the type and quality of the filter media needs to match the application. So many companies assume a one-size-fits-all system that works for a printer will also work for a laser. Its simply not true. The proof is in the clean air our clients approve.

The consistency of product and support continues to please our CNC clients. Thank you again!

Worth Ohio

Date of experience: February 18, 2023

Excellent company to work with! New small business here. Greg was excellent to work with and out me into the correct filter for the OMTech Polar 50 watt CO2 desktop laser, the FiltraBox Micro.

Bill Stridiron

Date of experience: April 21, 2023

Early in December 2022, I found myself in desperate need of a way to filter the fumes from my newly purchased desktop laser. I am unable to vent to the outside so I rely wholly on direct-connection air-purifiers. The manufacturer’s air purifier worked great. For 16 days. While I began the long march of Chinese customer support I came across a Youtube video with someone’s MOM talking about her laser AND the Filtrabox Micro. I clicked around some suppliers and wound up in the mailbox of Peck Sidara.

Peck immediately sent product information and pricing. After we discussed my needs I was sending PAT Tech a check and Peck was sending me a Micro! The unit is not overly large for being a major fume-sucker! At 70-something pounds, it sits nicely on a metal rack under a stainless steel table such as one might find in a professional kitchen. It is ridiculously easy to operate. it is connected to the exhaust port on an enclosure made specifically for my laser.

I get down on my hands and knees to sample the exhaust; city streets should smell so good! Granted, there are some wood samples that I have received that will never smell good when they burn but the Micro attenuates the mal-air well enough. It seems there is a lot of discussion about noise levels. In my instance, with a new laser, the air-assist pump, and an industrial-strength air purifier I’m surprised it’s as quiet as it is! I already wear hearing aids! My Dremel hand tool makes more noise. it is not impossible to converse standing next to it.

NB; for the home-laser hobbyist who thinks a unit such as this is too expensive, take it from a former smoker and respiratory therapist, you will never regret the purchase. If you are not able to exhaust into your neighbors’ backyard and you need indoor air treatment I will only say this; I examined some of the ‘craft-worker” approaches and homemade filters and then I bought a Filtrabox Micro for my health and that of my granddaughter who likes it when grandpa makes her things!

air breather in MKE

Date of experience: February 01, 2023

With over 35 years in the laser industry, we have been offering Pat Technology filtration systems for our laser marking and cutting systems for several years. Laser Americas sells laser marking, cutting , welding and 3 D metal printing systems and we incorporate the filtration systems to both extend the life of the laser as well as protect the operator from any toxic or unhealthy fumes/ dust. 

Not only is the quality, of the equipment superior, but the support and service has been stellar.
Pat Technology offers a huge range of equipment from filtration for small lasers to large industrial platforms. Most are standard but they also have provided custom systems when needed. 

Robin Barbero (Google Review)

Date of experience: November 20, 2022

Our company sells laser cutters for the label industry and has had issues with fume extraction in the past. After we found Pat technology we have not had a single problem with any of our customer’s fume extraction. We have been working with them for over 3 years now and have found that these are the best fume extraction systems in the market. I would highly recommend these guys for any project that requires extraction. Their filters last the longest, and their extractors are the best on the market!

Shaan Patel (Google Review)

Date of experience: 3 years ago

I am Joe Bràga from Engraver’s Choice; I have been a Trainer, Tech, and Master Distributor in the Industry for 30+ years. Additionally, I have owned three engraving operations, and in that time, I have sold, operated, and serviced all the major brands of Fume Extraction Systems. Never have I seen this level of Customer Service and Manufacturing Quality in an extractor unit at such an affordable price. Replacement filters and parts are very reasonable, and delivery times are spot on. Call me, and I really enjoy talking about this product.

Engravers Choice (Google Review)

Date of experience: November 10, 2022

This is Dan with Worth Company LLC. PAT Tech has undoubtedly provided our clients a much greater level of satisfaction by pairing our machines with their latest Filtra-Box fume extraction systems. PAT understands to a high degree how the type and quality of the filter media need to match the application. So many companies assume a one-size-fits-all system that works for a printer will also work for a laser. Its simply not true. The proof is in the clean air our clients approve.

The consistency of product and support continues to please our clients and our company employees.

Thank you again!

Worth Ohio (Google Review)

Date of experience: November 10, 2022

The team at PAT Technology has always been so supportive and attentive to all of our needs. We are just so fortunate to have this type of team making sure we have everything we need to have our daily operations run smoothly and efficiently! A HUGE shout out to Greg Wilson for being SO amazing!!

Sharon Arrow Systems

Date of experience: July 07, 2022

I own quite a few laser engravers and use Filtrabox units for all of them. These filters work great and last longer than any other filter system we’ve tested including units from Trotec and high-end filters from BOFA. I’ve never had any major issues with any of my Filtrabox units and the little problems I have had PAT has been fantastic with support.

Robert Neu

Date of experience: June 14, 2022

The filtrabox system has been a god send for my small business. When working out of my home workshop I’d always be paranoid my neighbors would stop my work due to smell of laser cut acrylic on my OMTech laser. Thank heavens their sales guy told me about the expand model offered by Filtrabox. When I tell you there’s literally no smell, it’s not an exaggeration. This product is worth every dime and made completely in North America. I know it may seem pricey, but it’s worth it!

Mike Stanley

Date of experience: June 14, 2022

Peck Sidara and PAT Technology Systems helped us get our filter running smoothly to functionalize our laser cutter and soldering station. Quick to respond to questions and issues. We appreciate the support.


Date of experience: May 04, 2022

I’ve installed filtration systems with laser engravers for the past 16 years. In that time I’ve come across numerous overly complex and expensive to maintain filtration units. PAT’s FiltraBox has been (pardon the pun) a breath of fresh air. Not only is the unit easy to set up and maintain, they are rock solid in durability! Some of the units I have installed are positioned in high-traffic areas and are used on a daily basis. They just work! If I’ve ever run into an issue, which is rare, the PAT team has been quick to get the issue resolved. Rock solid, reliable, and affordable equipment bundled with great support from PAT….you can’t beat that!

Jeremy Trumble (Google Review)

Date of experience: 3 years ago

Wayne, promote Chau. He didn’t have to, but he helped me out immensely. No wonder your company is made up of people who are with you for decades. You have an excellent team! God bless,

Jake the film guy

Microbudget Filmmaker (Microbudgeter)(Google Review)

Date of experience: 5 years ago

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