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Electronics Soldering Fume Extractors

Filtrabox Soldering Fume Extractors are perfect for extracting fumes created when soldering. Soldering fumes can cause health problems – even when using lead-free solder. Within the fumes are millions of particles entering the lungs’ alveoli. Colophony is the main component in flux. When heated, colophony generates toxic fumes. You can protect yourself using a soldering fume extractor that captures both particles and gases with its advanced air filter system. The pre-filter and HEPA filter capture the fine particles, while the gas filter captures the gases and VOCs.

Why should I be concerned about soldering fumes? 

Soldering fumes are a Health Hazard because they can contain heavy metals, which are particularly dangerous in even small doses. Lead is an example of a metal contaminant among many variants in solder formulations. But that’s not all! When the solder/flux combination is heated, the flux used in soldering generates toxic colophony fumes when the solder/flux combination is heated. Colophony is a mixture of resin acids and other neutral substances which can cause bronchial asthma and contact dermatitis. So, beware, even lead-free soldering requires proper fume extraction. 

Can I Solder Indoors?

Soldering is relatively safe indoors, as long as you take the proper precautions. You should always use a fume extraction system, especially if you are using leaded solder, which is commonly used because it is very easy to work with, as its melting temperature is low. However, sometimes lead is replaced with even more dangerous chemicals, which release toxic fumes. So it’s always a great idea to use the correct type of Fume extractor and the usual protective measures.

Always wash your hands after soldering, and use the recommended PPE. Our Filtrabox Micro SF is made explicitly for soldering fume extraction; it’s portable and fits under most work tables and desks. Our fume extractors are the perfect match for all your soldering requirements.

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