Great Support – Great Product!!

This company has great people. When I originally called in to get more info on what options they had available for my situation the phone was answered by the owner Wayne. He had a quote sent over and we made a deal for a BASYS model machine. when my machine arrived it was destroyed by the carrier. The machine was on a pallet and well boxed but the “Do Not Stack” cone was crushed along with the front of the cabinet. I refused the shipment and immediately contacted FiltraBox. Without hesitation they assured me that they would get a new machine out to me as quickly as they could get it built. My new machine arrived in about 10 days and was in perfect condition but was missing an Easy Link cable. Again I contacted them immediately and again without hesitation they expedited they cable to me no questions asked. All along the way, from the first machine on, I was sent email notifications and tracking numbers for everything. After installing my BASYS I had a technical question, I called into their support team and was greeted by a real human being. He didn’t have the exact answer I needed and would need to speak with the engineers. Within 30 minutes of our call, he called me back with the answer to my question. When all is said and done, this is a stand up company run by stand up people. Thank you Wayne and Greg, I greatly appreciate you and PAT Technology Systems/FiltraBox!!

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