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Precision Air Technology (PAT) leverages actual lasers from leading manufacturers to benchmark their fume extractors, ensuring unparalleled compatibility and performance. This rigorous testing process informs the engineering of each unit, resulting in highly effective and reliable fume extraction solutions tailored to specific industrial needs.
Filtrabox Fume Filters
Boss Laser

Over a decade ago, PAT Technology started designing their first fume extractors by testing every variable of Boss Laser machines. This collaboration allowed us to create a product that effectively matches the specific needs of Boss Lasers.

Today, Filtrabox is the preferred fume extractor partner of Boss Laser, reflecting our strong and successful relationship in developing top-quality fume extractors for laser equipment.

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Since the beginning of their partnership, PAT Technology has been closely collaborating with Epilog Laser. This long-term relationship means that if you’ve seen an Epilog Laser at a trade show, it’s very likely that it was paired with a Filtrabox unit.

This pairing showcases the compatibility and effectiveness of Filtrabox fume extractors with Epilog’s machines, highlighting their joint commitment to providing high-quality, reliable solutions for laser engraving environments.

PAT Technology has diligently tested and engineered their fume extraction systems to perfectly complement the Omtech Laser lineup. By closely analyzing the specific requirements and outputs of Omtech’s laser machines, PAT has been able to design Filtrabox systems that are precisely tailored to enhance the performance and safety of these devices. This meticulous engineering ensures that Filtrabox extractors work seamlessly with Omtech lasers, providing optimal filtration and ensuring a cleaner, safer working environment.

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What Is Benchmark Testing?

PAT conducts its benchmark testing through a detailed and rigorous process designed to ensure that their fume extractors meet the highest standards of efficiency and compatibility with specific laser machines. Here’s how PAT does their benchmark testing:

Selection of Laser Machines

PAT selects a range of laser machines from top manufacturers like Boss Laser. These machines represent different sizes, types, and usage scenarios to ensure comprehensive testing.

Controlled Environment Setup

Testing is conducted in a controlled environment where variables like air flow, temperature, and humidity are kept consistent. This allows PAT to precisely measure the extractor’s performance under various conditions.

Real-World Operation Simulations

The laser machines are operated as they would be in typical industrial or creative settings, generating smoke, dust, and fumes that the extractors need to handle. This simulates real-world usage to test the effectiveness of the fume extractors.

Performance Metrics

Key performance metrics such as air flow rate, filtration efficiency, and noise levels are measured. PAT also evaluates how well the extractors maintain clean air over time and how they handle different types of particles and gases emitted by the lasers.

Feedback Integration

Data and feedback from these tests are used to fine-tune the design and function of the fume extractors. Adjustments might be made to filter types, motor strength, or even the physical design of the unit to better accommodate the laser machines.

Repeat Testing

The adjusted extractors are tested again to ensure that the modifications have improved their performance as expected. This cycle of testing and adjusting continues until the extractors meet PAT’s standards for quality and performance.

Why is Benchmark testing important?

Benchmark testing is important because it helps ensure that products meet specific standards before they reach you. For instance, when Filtrabox tests their fume extractors with different brands like Omtech Laser, they’re making sure that their systems work perfectly with those lasers. This kind of testing checks if the extractors can effectively remove harmful fumes and keep the air clean and safe. By doing this, Filtrabox can guarantee that their fume extractors are reliable and high-quality, giving you the best performance when you use them with your laser machines.

“Parterning with Filtrabox allows us to involve them in the engineering phase of Boss Laser machines. This helps us to develop a machine with superior air flow that matches perfectly with the Filtrabox lineup of fume extractors.”

Dan Fox

Founder, Boss Laser

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