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extraction for laser welders.
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Clean Air by Design!

We believe that the most important aspect of protecting people and the environment is accessibility to solutions. We make clean air solutions more accessible to businesses, educational institutions, and OEMs by making innovative fume extraction systems more affordable, easier to use, and providing the most reliable customer support. 

Find your Filtrabox solution by industry category:

Fume Extractors For Laser Marking, Coding, Engraving & Cutting

Lasers can engrave, cut, or mark by vaporizing the target material with a high-energy light beam. Smoke and gases are generated as a byproduct of this process. These are collectively called laser fumes.  Our systems protect you & your equipment.

Fume Extraction For Digital Printing

Dye Sublimation Printing

Using a wide-format inkjet printer, dye-sub inks are printed on a special transfer paper or directly onto fabric. From there, the image is heat transferred into the fibers of the fabric by using a heat press. The ink changes from a solid to a gas (hence the term “sublimation”) and is fixated deep into the fibers of the fabric and returns to a solid-state. Learn More…

Wide-Format Printing

Wide-format printers use an array of inkjet printing heads to lay down high volumes of liquid inks onto large surface areas. The inks often have a high proportion of odorous VOCs which can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. The tiny pigment particles in the ink are also aerosolized during the printing process. Learn More…

DTF Transfer Printing Fume Extraction

Introducing Filtrabox’s DTF series fume extractors for Direct-to-Film (DTF) printers. The Filtrabox DTF fume extractor captures the thick oily fog generated during the curing of the printed transfers. Produce quality transfers for garments and other substrates in a clean air environment – your products and employees will benefit! These extractors feature reinforced filters, large liquid reservoirs, and protected electronics to handle your demanding applications. Two sizes are available (Micro-DTF and the CompactX-DTF) to suit any production volume, small and large. Learn More…

Electronics Soldering

Soldering fumes can cause health problems – even when using lead-free solder.  Within the fumes are millions of particles that can enter the lungs’ alveoli. Colophony is the main component in flux. When heated, colophony generates toxic fumes.  

3D Printing

3D printing processes typically melt or sinter materials to create products. The heat used in these processes can create ultra-fine particulates, gases, and/or vapors.  These contaminants can potentially affect your health & equipment.


At PAT Technology Systems, we proudly introduce our state-of-the-art Filtrabox Fume Extractors for the welding industry. Our products offer unparalleled performance in traditional and laser welding operations, effectively safeguarding the health and safety of yourself and your workforce. Our fume extractors are expertly designed to capture and filter harmful particulate matter and gases produced during welding. A high-quality fume extractor, such as ours, ensures a cleaner, healthier working environment and improves visibility and precision in your welding tasks. Let Filterbox’s superior Fume Extractors redefine your welding operations, reinforcing a commitment to occupational health, productivity, and uncompromised quality.

Custom Designed Systems

Get a custom fume extraction system

Our experienced engineers can design the perfect fume extraction system to provide the ultimate level of safety for you, your employees, and your equipment. Find out why the industry leaders choose Filtrabox for their fume extraction needs.

Happy Clients

Bringing clean, safe air and peace of mind to our customers.

Our company sells laser cutters for the label industry, and have had issues with fume extraction in the past. After we found Pat technology we have not had a single problem with any of our customer’s fume extraction. We have been working with them for over 3 years now and have found that these are the best fume extraction systems in the market. I would highly recommend these guys for any project that requires extraction. Their filters last the longest, and their extractors are the best on the market!

Shaan Patel


I’ve installed filtration systems with laser engravers for the past 16yrs. In that time I’ve come across numerous overly complex and expensive to maintain filtration units. PAT’s FiltraBox has been (pardon the pun) a breath of fresh air. Not only is the unit easy to set up and maintain, but they are also rock-solid in durability! Some of the units I have installed are positioned in high-traffic areas and are used on a daily basis. They just work! If I’ve ever run into an issue, which is rare, the PAT team has been quick to get the issue resolved. Rock-solid, reliable, and affordable equipment bundled with great support from PAT….you can’t beat that!

Jeremy Trumble


Amazing product and team.
These filters have helped many of our customers to date!
Easy to use and remove all of the harmful smells and chemicals.

Tom Baczynski


Lasers, Electronics, Digital Print, 3D Printing, Custom Design.

We have your industry covered for all your fume extraction needs.


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